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Good to know – IndustriALL Global Union 2nd Congress

Good to know


Fighting Forward - A Luta Continua

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3-7 October 2016




Medical, side meetings, Secretariat and Finance rooms – 2nd floor (2° pavimento):


General information


Windsor Oceânico Convention Center
Rua Martinho de Mesquita, 129, Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Telephone: + 55 (21) 2195 – 9950


Windsor Oceânico****
Windsor Barra*****
Sheraton Barra*****


The IndustriALL Secretariat offices are located in the Oceania IV and Oceania V rooms, on the 2nd floor, on the same level as the side meeting rooms.

If you experience any problems during you trip or your stay in Rio, you can contact:

  • Janire Escubi (hotel and flight details): +41 79 484 62 84
  • Amandine Iwachow (Any other issues): +41 79 13 69 903
Information desk

An Information Desk for delegates will be located in the registration area. For any requests or issues, please do not hesitate to contact IndustriALL Staff who will be wearing green t-shirts.

Transport to and from Rio de Janeiro Airport / Galeão

A Welcome Service Stand will be placed in the airport arrival hall. Professional hosts and hostesses will welcome guests and inform them of arrangements for transfer to their hotels. IndustriALL has organized dedicated shuttle buses for the days most Congress delegates are scheduled to arrive, that is, on 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 October. If you happen to arrive before or after these dates, please note that you will be responsible for organizing your own transport.
Transport by taxi takes about one hour and costs approximately R$130. Please buy your taxi ticket from the official desk in the arrivals hall.

Internet and IT

Wireless internet access will be available in the Congress venue. At the registration desk, you will receive a login code to access the Wi-Fi.
Workstations with internet access will be available for delegates in the communications corner on the ground floor. Please enquire at the Information Desk for details.
The current in Brazil is 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz. Please note that some international adaptors may not work. Adaptors are available at electrical appliance stores at the airport. The power sockets are of type N, which also works with type C.

Communications at Congress

Congress will be live streamed and live blogged on our Congress website at www.industriall-union.org/congress2016. If you cannot participate in a session, you can follow it live online, or watch on one of the TVs in the communications corner, next to the registration desk.

You can catch up on your work in this area, and charge your laptop and phone. You can get some literature from our affiliates, have a look at our exhibits, and have a souvenir photo taken inside our photo frames.

We will also be using social media to report on the Congress sessions, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Please share your experiences with us: you can upload your pictures on the Congress website, and share them on social media using the hashtag #IndustRio2016.

Local time

The time in Rio de Janeiro is Brasilia Time (BRT), or UTC/GMT -3 hours.

Interpretation and portable equipment

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided by IndustriALL in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish and Arabic. Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Farsi and Italian will be offered as passive languages.

For delegations arriving with their own interpreters, there will be some booths available. Please contact the Secretariat at Congress2016@industriall-union.org to check their availability. In addition, portable interpretation equipment will be available. Please contact a member of staff in the Congress hall.

Important: Please do not forget to leave the interpretation equipment on your desks once you leave the Congress hall.

Side meetings

If needed, there are four side meeting rooms at your disposal from Sunday 2 to Friday 7 October. To check their availability and make a reservation, please send a request to Congress2016@industriALL-union.org.


The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real (R$/BRL).
R$10 = about 3 USD
R$10 = about 2.8 EUR


Coffee breaks and lunches will be provided to the registered participants of the Women’s Committee, the Executive Committee and the regional conferences.

In addition, lunch will be provided to all participants during Congress and will take place in the Americas Hall on level -2.

A cocktail reception will take place after the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 4 October at around 19.30 in the Americas Hall.

The host organizations will host a Congress party Thursday 6 October at 19.00 in the Americas Hall.


All Congress participants are insured against accidents during the Congress. Accidents should be immediately reported to the information desk in the Congress lobby. In addition, it is important to note that all participants are requested to make their own arrangements to be covered by insurance for illness.

Medical assistance and first aid

For medical assistance at the Oceanico Convention Centre, there will be a medical stand located in Oceanico VII on the 2nd floor. In addition, an ambulance will be stationed outside of the Congress hall for the duration of the Congress.

In case of a medical emergency during your stay, the emergency number in Brazil is 192.

Zika virus

We take the health and safety of our delegates seriously and are therefore closely monitoring the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil. Zika is spread mainly by mosquito bite, but also by sexual activity and less frequently by contact with infected blood. Infected adults usually experience only flu-like symptoms and recovery is usually without complications.
However, there is a link to birth defects in children born to mothers who have been infected by the virus, possible long-term effects on infected children, and a possible link to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare disease of the nerves. Vaccines are not yet available, so it is important to protect against mosquito bites and to use condoms to prevent sexual transmission.
Please consult your doctor if you or your partner are or may become pregnant within a few months of visiting a Zika-infested area. Delegates may also wish to verify their health insurance coverage. Reliable information on Zika, including advice about risks for both men and women, and precautions that should be followed, can be found at http://www.who.int, http://www.paho.org/, or http://www.cdc.gov/.

Conduct at the Congress

Out of courtesy for others, participants are requested to turn off or silent all mobile phones during the Congress meetings.

In addition, participants are required to show respect and tolerance to each other, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, origin, age or religion. IndustriALL does not tolerate harassment in any form. Any misconduct should be reported immediately to the Secretariat.


Where is the registration desk?

The registration desk will be situated on the ground floor in the Congress building lobby. Please note that registration will be conducted by region.

Registration hours

The registration desk will be open Sunday 2 October at 13.00-18.00, Monday 3 October at 8.00-18.00, Tuesday 4 October at 8.00-18.00 and Wednesday 5 October at 8.00-10.00.

Delegates who are unable to register before 10.00 on Wednesday 5 October should contact the Information Desk in the Congress building lobby on the ground floor. Please note that delegates who do not register by that time will miss the deadline for accreditation and will not be eligible to vote.

Delegates are requested to ensure they arrive at Congress and other meetings early enough to register before proceedings commence.

What will I receive when I register?

A nametag, your Congress welcome letter as well as a variety of other materials. Congress documents will be sent to participants prior to the Congress. No printed copies will be distributed.

Important: Each participant is required to bring an ID for registration. Each participant is responsible for his or her own registration. We advise you to keep always your ID with you.


How can I speak at the Congress?

You must inform the Chair in writing that you wish to speak. This can be done by means of the "Request to Speak" forms that are on your desk.

There will be two different "Request to Speak" forms, one for the sections of the Action Plan on Thursday and Friday, and a general one for all other agenda items. The “Requests to Speak” on the Action Plan must be submitted by Wednesday 5 October at 16.00.

The delegates are free to choose more than one agenda item on which to speak, however please note that not all requests to speak may be accommodated because of lack of time. Contributions should be confined to the relevant item. A time limit will be imposed by the Chair in accordance with the Standing Orders.

All speakers will address the Congress from the lectern on the stage. The Chair will notify speakers ahead of time to make their way to the front of the stage where seats will be available.


Can all affiliated unions vote?

Each affiliated trade union that has fulfilled its financial obligation to IndustriALL has the right to vote at the Congress. Voting rights for unions that have been granted full or partial exoneration, will be reduced accordingly. Please see the Standing Orders for more details.

How many votes does an affiliate have?

Each affiliate shall have one vote for each member for which it has paid affiliation fees. The number of votes will be calculated based on the average number of members of the affiliate for which it has paid affiliation fees in the years 2012-2015. The Credentials Committee will confirm the exact figures. Each affiliate votes as a block with the head of the delegation declaring how the affiliate will vote.

How are votes conducted?

Most voting will be conducted by show of hands. For some of the more significant changes to the Statutes, voting will be done electronically, using a keypad system, which will be given the head of each delegation. The Chair may also call a vote through electronic voting in case the result of voting by a show of hands is not clear.

Can our organization represent other organizations in the vote?

Affiliates that have received a proxy from other affiliated unions in accordance with Article 11 of the Statutes, may also vote on their behalf.















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